Paper Submission

The submission system for short and additional papers is now open. Submission site is:
If you donít have an easychair account please create one as soon as possible you will be able to upload you manuscript without delay when it is ready. Papers must be in PDF format with non-standard fonts embedded. Submission and reviewing of full papers was in December. The special edition of The Visual Computer which is our main proceedings is already in production.


Papers must be submitted by Friday 6 March 2009. The submission site will close at 9pm Samoan time. That is Midnight 6-7 March in Victoria, British Columbia and 8am on 7 March in London, UK. The deadline has been extended because it has taken us longer than expected to get the submission system organised. This deadline will be strictly applied. Late papers cause too many problems in review and we need time to prepare the proceedings before the conference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is reviewing blind?

Reviewing is single blind. In other words author names appear at the top of the paper but authors do not see who are the referees.

How do I format my paper?

We will be using the Eurographics Workshop Style as depicted in: Guidelines

For this file and other Eurographics publishing information visit: EG publication guidelines

For reviewing purposes, any similar two column format is acceptable. But accepted papers will be expected to match the EG style.

How many pages are allowed?

Short papers should be three to five pages.

What are Ďadditional papersí?

We had several full-paper submissions that described very good work but for various reasons could not be brought up to the standard required of articles in The Visual Computer in the time available. For this reason, we decided to allow a few full-length papers to be included in the short papers program. These are designated Ďadditional papersí. Therefore, you may submit short or additional papers and the referees will be asked if some papers can be reworked as short papers.

Can I include a video?

Yes, additional materials can be uploaded as an attachment. Various formats are permitted and practically any kind of file can be included in a zipped tarball. Use standard codecs. If the reviewers canít play your video it will not help you.